about Etherstack
About Etherstack

  • Communications Software
  • First in Radio Protocols
  • Flexible Interoperability
  • Unique Competencies
  • Platform Independent
  • High Quality
  • Easty to maintain and reuse
  • Reduce development costs, time to market and risk
  • Full support services and ongoing commitment

Etherstack Overview

Etherstack is a global, ASX listed technology company based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in wireless communications technologies that serve customers in the public safety, defence, utilities and mining industries.

With R&D locations in 7 countries around the world, our protocol stacks are exported globally and licensed by leading radio manufacturers. Our Australian solutions partner and subsidiary, Auria Wireless, provides complete digital radio networks using Etherstack software.

Wireless Communications Technology

Modern radio communications demand ever more extensive and complex technology.

Etherstack is the world's leading independent specialist provider of such technology - from wireless protocol stacks (waveforms) for embedded hardware and Software Defined Radio through to complete IP wide-area networks and cryptographic solutions.

Our engineers combine unique embedded software design skills with expertise in IP soft-switching and a detailed knowledge of communications standards such as APCO P25, TETRA, DMR/dPMR, WiMAX, CDMA, UMTS, LTE and military wireless specifications.

This combination of core competencies allows us to offer unique, flexible solutions for complex interoperability problems.

Working with Etherstack

Etherstack's platform-independent software enables manufacturers and system integrators to easily and rapidly introduce standards-based wireless communications products and networks. Software is a component; it does not differentiate a product to an end user. Working with Etherstack frees our customers to focus on features of most value to end-users, such as robust design, packaging, user interface, and system architecture.

Our goal is to minimise our customers' costs, risk and time to market, whilst providing world-leading software that can be maintained and reused as hardware platforms and standards evolve. Using proprietary techniques and tools allows Etherstack to achieve cost efficient software development and design excellence. The quality of our products is time and field proven, and confirmed by the satisfaction of our customer base.

Understanding that our clients sometimes need extra engineering assistance, we also offer complete specification, integration and test services for our products, as well as ongoing maintenance contracts.

Our engineers work side by side with yours at every stage of the project - right through to interoperability testing, field trials and beyond.

Etherstack History

Etherstack originated in Australia providing MPT1327, TETRA and APCO P25 protocol stacks (waveforms) to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) manufacturers around the world.

The first digital LMR radios used discrete, generic general purpose and digital signal processors and can therefore be considered the earliest commercial Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms to go to market. Recognising that waveform development for such platforms was a complex and therefore specialised activity, Etherstack set out to meet this need.

After more than a decade of successful commercial applications, Etherstack offers a proven approach to wireless software design and has grown to become the world's leading independent supplier of wireless protocol software to LMR industry manufacturers. The company now specialises in two areas: SDR waveform development and LMR system software (protocol stacks and IP core networks).

Etherstack today is a global company and our clients include most of the world's major wireless equipment manufacturers and defence companies.