test systems
About Etherstack

Test Products

  • P25 Off-Air-Monitor
  • P25 Reference Mobile Test System
  • P25 Reference Network Test System (1 + 2)
  • P25 OTAR Test System Option
  • P25 ISSI Network Test System
  • TETRA Off-Air-Monitor
  • TETRA Reference Mobile Station
  • TETRA Reference Base Station

Test Systems

Advanced Testing. Etherstack’s engineers have experienced first-hand how complicated radio system development and maintenance can be, especially when trying to get equipment from different vendors to interoperate. To help, we now offer a complete range of off-the-shelf test systems based on our fielded, interoperability proven, standards-compliant APCO P25 and TETRA protocol technology.

These include reference base and mobile stations for verifying radio equipment against a universal benchmark, and off-air monitors for non-intrusive bidirectional air interface observation.

Interoperability Testing. Etherstack has made an enduring contribution to the TIA TR.8 APCO P25 interoperability committee and our protocol stacks have been interoperability tested against equipment from all of the major radio manufacturers.

Off-Air Monitors

  • Non-intrusive Channel Observation
  • Air Interface Testing
  • Interoperability Verification
  • Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Real-time

Etherstack’s Off-Air-Monitors are non-intrusive intercept tools for trunked and conventional air interface testing and interoperability verification, maintenance and diagnostics.

A wideband receiver permits simultaneous observation of up to 4 air interface links across an RF range from 1MHz up to 2GHz. This is ideal for investigating the relationship between trunked control and traffic channels. Captured information is interpreted and displayed in real time on an easy to navigate, information rich user interface, and all logged traffic can also be dumped and saved for later analysis.

Network and Mobile Test Systems

  • Full OTAR Test Capability
  • Automated Test Execution
  • Hundreds of Typical Scenarios
  • Interoperable With Common Equipment
  • Proven Benchmark

Etherstack’s Network and Mobile Test Systems allow verification of advanced features in the standards against a fielded, interoperability tested reference at both RF and baseband test points. All test systems are shipped with user documentation and a test environment comprising hundreds of test scripts, for fully automated simulation of a wide range of typical scenarios.

Thorough Over The Air Rekeying (OTAR) testing capability based on Etherstack’s Key Management Facility (KMF) is available as an optional extra.