RF modules

Technology Package

  • Modular ANSI C90 DMR Source or Binary Code
  • Software Requirements Specifications (to ETSI standards)
  • Interface Requirements Specifications
  • High Level Design
  • Software Test Plan
  • Software Test Description (traceable to SRS)
  • DMR Test Script Library (traceable to SRS)
  • ELITE and ESTV
  • Integration Services
  • One Year Warranty (with option to renew)


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DMR Base Station Protocol Stack

Etherstack's DMR Base Station Protocol Stack is fully compatible with the standards and also with our all-IP network, so it can be used as a simple repeater or scaled to multi-site or tiered network operation.

Performance is key. In addition to developing advanced FEC, we have implemented a configurable full error correction relay repeater to ensure coverage and performance exceeds that of analog equipment.

The stack is constructed as a set of modular, layered components and can be split across multiple processors as required.

We offer DMR Tier 2 Repeater and DMR Tier 3 Trunking starter packages alongside a full suite of advanced features such as data, encryption and IP multisite networking. You can purchase these immediately or upgrade later as your customer requirements evolve.

Click to enlarge DMR Base Station Protocol Stack Architecture Diagram

Feature Options

Repeater: Local Vocoding for Monitoring and PTT / Simulcast / Voting / Encryption / Standalone Dual Digital and Analog mode / CTCSS and DCS / Multisite / Single Frequency Operation / Analog Transcoding / Duplex Call

Additional for Trunking: Line Connected Calls / Packet Data / Authentication / Stun, Revive, Kill / Call Diversion / Power Save / Composite Control Channel

Outstanding Coverage, Low BOM Cost

DMR was standardized as a low cost technology to replace analog radio. However, sophisticated error correction is needed to match coverage, which requires expensive processors. Etherstack's internationally recognized FEC experts have dramatically reduced the MIPS cycles of our FEC implementation while improving its performance, so that similar (or better) coverage than an analog system can be achieved on low cost components.

You lower your BOM cost and your customers maintain their existing sites and network footprint.

Risk-Free 12 Month Warranty

After delivery, Etherstack provides a 12-month warranty against any defects. If an issue is found we fix it immediately at no extra cost. We actively maintain stack source code, incorporating bug fixes for our customers as well as tracking changes to the standards. After the warranty period is over, we offer an annual maintenance subscription for access to ongoing code releases and issue resolution.

Full Test and Debug Capability

Our DMR MS Protocol Stack supports fully automated testing and is supplied with Etherstack's test environment ELITE, Etherstack TraceViewer and a comprehensive library of test scripts that provide traceability against all protocol stack requirements.

These tools allow you to maintain the software across different radio platforms and allow advanced debugging during development, integration, field trials and as new features are introduced over time.

Protocol software represents a key investment. It is essential you can reuse it to save money, reduce risk, speed time-to-market and respond to changing markets.