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Etherstack TraceViewer (ESTV)

Etherstack TraceViewer allows protocol stack execution traces and test transcripts to be analyzed in intuitive visual formats - such as message sequence charts, timeslot diagrams, and structural views - without sacrificing the rich information content of the original trace.

It is used for:

  • "At-a-glance" view of signaling and state transitions, so you can really see what's happening during protocol stack execution.
  • Automatic view of execution traces as Message Sequence Charts.
  • Review of protocol stack operation after execution or in real time.
  • Search and bookmark functions, timestamp and time delta calculation, and visual linkage between the various view panes, such that selecting an event in one pane highlights the corresponding event in other panes.

Protocol stack entities composed of multiple state machines can be expanded and collapsed with a single mouse click, allowing the level of displayed detail to be tailored to the task at hand. At all times, the detailed contents of the currently selected event are displayed in a dedicated pane.

As well as displaying trace files stored on disk, TraceViewer can connect directly to Etherstack's stream formatter and display an execution trace in real time, while logging the stream to disk. Log files are automatically named with the current date and time, and the current log file can be closed and a new log started with a single mouse click, reducing distractions during intensive fault-finding activities.