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Etherstack releases dPMR MS & BS Protocol Stacks

London (26 March 2012) - Etherstack today announced the release of its dPMR protocol stack for manufacturers of professional mobile radio devices.

This highly portable stack is available in two variants, Mobile Stack (MS) and Basestation Stack (BS). Written in highly portable ANSI C, the stack can be readily hosted on a wide range of popular microprocessors and DSPs. The dPMR stack provides a complete implementation including the PHY (physical layer) in software.

The stack is available with Etherstack's ELITE automated test suite tools - to assist the manufacturer with integration, testing and maintenance of the implementation during the lifecycle of the product.

"The availability of a standard dPMR implementation will dramatically reduce the time to market for new manufacturers of dPMR devices", said Etherstack CEO, Mr David Deacon, "while simultaneously increasing interoperability between different manufacturers' devices".

Further information on the features and architecture of the stack can be downloaded from the Etherstack website.

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