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Solution provides ISSI & CSSI interfaces and native P25 client on LTE handset

At IWCE 2012 in Las Vegas, Etherstack today announced the launch of its narrowband voice P25 over LTE solution, providing a missing link in the migration of narrowband to broadband solutions and a key component in hybrid LTE and APCO P25 networks.

Called LTE25 TM*, the solution consists of Etherstack’s LTE25 Softswitch residing in the LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and a native P25 PTT-over-Cellular (PoC) client application running on LTE handsets. Uniquely, Etherstack’s solution uses the same APCO P25 mobile software that resides on a traditional P25 handset with enhanced graphical user interface, which allows end-to-end encryption of calls between the LTE handset and a radio on a traditional APCO P25 network.

The LTE25 Softswitch supports both the ISSI and CSSI interfaces allowing the LTE network and users to be connected seamlessly to traditional APCO P25 networks. This allows users on both networks to communicate during emergencies, and for dispatch operators in the P25 network to communicate with users on the LTE network via the CSSI.

“Etherstack’s LTE25 solution is perfect for migration and hybrid networks. In some cities we are planning new build PoC client networks without any traditional narrowband”, said Etherstack’s CEO, David Deacon, “By reusing core P25 technologies, we also leverage operators’ existing investment in P25 network equipment such as consoles and management systems”.

Etherstack’s LTE25 solution was first demonstrated at Bell Labs in Feburary 2011 over Alcatel Lucent’s LTE infrastructure and since then the solution has progressed to the field trial and deployment stage with the company in negotiations with telecommunications carriers in North
America, Asia and Australia.

Etherstack has been recognised for the past decade as a world leader in mission critical radio communications technology with more than 20 different manufacturers around the world licensing some part of their public safety and defence radio solutions from Etherstack. The company maintains research and development groups in New York, London, Yokohama and Sydney.

For more information, contact:
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