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TETRA/TEDS Protocol Stacks

TETRA is a mature, feature-rich ETSI voice and data standard for secure public safety and enterprise communications. It is used around the world and is particularly popular in dense urban environments.

The TETRA & Critical Communications Association oversees a rigorous Interoperability, Test and Certification (IOP) process that ensures new radios will interoperate with installed networks and other manufacturers' equipment.

With capability comes complexity. TETRA is a TDMA digital technology similar to GSM. The content of the standards is large and growing, covering functionality from simple direct mode operation (DMO), to nationwide trunked networks with advanced roaming, a range of encryption and security levels and TEDS high-speed data. With mature TETRA technology and a team of TETRA engineers, Etherstack understands these with precision. We manage this complexity so our customers can focus on their customer, market and overall radio product.

Etherstack's ANSI C Mobile Station and Base Station TETRA protocol stacks are constructed as a set of layered components (Layers 1, 2, 3) for an adaptable architecture that is independent from the underlying operating system and is able to support radio architectures with different E2EE, AIE and security requirements.

Clean interfaces, thorough documentation and complete test support make interpreting the software function and mapping it to the standards straightforward.