RF modules

Technology Package

  • Modular ANSI C90 TETRA Source or Binary Code
  • Modular ANSI C90 TEDS Source or Binary Code (Optional)
  • Software Requirements Specifications (to ETSI ETS and TIPs)
  • Interface Requirements Specifications
  • High Level Design
  • Software Test Plan
  • Software Test Description (traceable to SRS)
  • Test Scripts (traceable to SRS)
  • ELITE and ESTV
  • Integration Services
  • One Year Warranty (Option to Renew)


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TETRA/TEDS Mobile Station Protocol Stack

Etherstack's feature rich ETSI and TIP compliant TETRA/TEDS Mobile Station Protocol Stack is provided as a series of clean, highly structured ANSI C90 code modules for ease of integration. You choose the hardware - Etherstack is expert in providing software that can be ported to a range of target platforms and operating systems.

Etherstack offers a highly competitive fixed price for all technology. This includes our pioneering automated protocol stack test system (ELITE) and a comprehensive test script library that provides traceability to the requirements. Detailed documentation ensures your engineers understand the code and functionality.

We also provide support throughout a project - and beyond - to ensure your radios are fielded successfully. With 13 years' experience in TETRA and 18 in protocol stack development, our highly knowledgeable TETRA engineers act as an extension of your engineering team.

Potential customers are welcome to walk through our TETRA technology in our labs in Yokohama, London, Sydney or New York.

Starter Package

Trunked Mode Operation (TMO) Voice / All mandatory TETRA call types / Short Data Service (SDS) (1-4) / Registration/De-Registration / Authentication / Cell Reselection

Standard Package

Adds Direct Mode Operation (DMO) / Single and Multi-Slot Packet Data / Energy Saving Modes / Power Control / Migration / Group Address Management / Air Interface Encryption (enable/disable support for Classes 1, 2 and 3) / OTAR.

Feature Options

End-to-End Encryption / SDS-TL / Dynamic Regrouping / User/Network Personalisation (including SIM) / TEDS (see more below) / Advanced Supplementary Services / Seamless Handover (Type 1 & 2) / Vocoder Optimisation / DMO Gateway / DMO Repeater

Specifications reference the latest ETSI TETRA Standards (ETS), TETRA Interoperability Profiles (TIPs) and TCCA SFPG Recommendations:

ETS 300 392-2 V3.5.1, EN 300 392-10-X, EN 300 395-2 V1.3.1, ETS 300 396-X, EN 300 392-7 V3.3.1, ES 202 109.

TTR 001-01 V6.0.0, 002-01 V2.1.1, 001-02 V2.0.1 , 001-04 V3.0.0, 001-05 V2.0.0, 001-03 V2.0.0, 002-0X, TTR 001-11, TTR 001-13.

SFPG Recommendation 01 to 11.

TEDS Protocol Stack

Etherstack has supplemented its field-proven TETRA Release 1 TMO+DMO protocol stack with 25kHz - 150kHz TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS).

TEDS is a spectrally efficient integrated high speed data service that is scalable to wideband and ultimately broadband rates. TEDS possesses a Physical Layer and LMAC that are conceptually and functionally complex.

Our TEDS solution gives you an advantage. Etherstack has invested significant effort to overcome the technical challenges of high rate data extension. We have implemented advanced link adaptation, turbo coding and Quality of Service (QoS) algorithms that ensure the best possible performance outcome.

We have also implemented a complexity reduction exercise so that our TEDS solution can be deployed on existing TETRA hardware in 50kHz QAM (4 to 64) mode. CML Microcircuits has published the results of this in a white paper .

TETRA and TEDS protocols are available either separately or integrated together and are compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software environments.

Risk-Free 12 Month Warranty

After delivery, Etherstack provides a 12-month warranty against any defects. If an issue is found we fix it immediately at no extra cost. We actively maintain stack source code, incorporating bug fixes for our customers as well as tracking changes to the standards. After the warranty period is over, we offer an annual maintenance subscription for access to ongoing code releases and issue resolution.

Full Test and Debug Capability

Our TETRA/TEDS MS Protocol Stack supports fully automated testing and is supplied with Etherstack's automated test environment ELITE, Etherstack TraceViewer and a comprehensive library of test scripts that provide traceability against all protocol stack requirements.

These tools allow you to maintain the software across different radio platforms and allow advanced debugging during development, integration, field trials and as new features are introduced over time.

Protocol software represents a key investment. It is essential you can reuse it to save money, reduce risk, speed time-to-market and respond to changing markets.